The One With Friends Fest

As an avid Friends fan, I went to Friends Fest in Heaton Park in Manchester, back in August and it was really fun. You essentially got to recreate iconic photoshoot moments around the area such as ‘PIVOT’ where you hold the sofa and the opening sequence with the umbrellas. You got to go into a recreation of Central Perk and grab a drink and also sit on the iconic sofa and have a picture, as well as sitting on the stool where Phoebe performed her classic hits (good old ‘Smelly Cat’!)

There was also themed food stalls where you could grab a bite to eat and a gift shop with fun Friends themed merchandise celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show. There was also a big screen playing episodes of Friends that you could sit down and watch, truly getting the Friends experience.

The best part of course was the set tour. You got to see some genuine props used in the show, such as the actual various engagement rings used. You got to have a wander through and get photos in Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Monica and Rachels’, the iconic hallway and Ross’ apartment. They were really good at making sure that everyone had the opportunity to get pictures everywhere they want around the set but also makes sure everyone clears the set so that you can get empty set pictures.

Overall, it’s a really fun experience for everyone who really enjoys the show and I would recommend going if you get the opportunity (although you may get sick of hearing the theme tune after hearing it on repeat the whole time you’re there!)

Are you a Friends fan? Who is your favourite character? (Mine is Chandler!)

Alice x

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